Deeply Immersive Experience

Until now, music videos were merely viewed, passively, in two dimensions.
Now, with Anifie, you will experience an interactive world class virtual concert.

Real people making real connections
in a virtual world

True interactive music and community can heal the broken, lift spirits and bring people closer together with unforgettable moments.

Invitation to the Land of Anifie

In the land of Anifie, you’ll not only express yourself; you’ll learn so much more about yourself. You’ll be lifted, beyond the momentary, as music and faith bring new hope, new life. Here, music isn’t the destination, it’s a part of a greater journey. To self-awareness, to thoughtful guidance, to real answers.

Make Artists Dream Come True

Come to Anifie, not to listen, but to use your voice, to give back to the artists and bands who’ve given so much to you. Get the merch, the streams, the downloads. Anifie allows you to support your favorite artists and let them know they matter to you.

At the Anifie stage, you’re not just ’looking’ up to the artists, you’re ‘lifting’ up the artists. Your moves, your energy, your encouragement, make their dreams come true too.

The musicians you love have been waiting, writing, and trying to find a way back to you. At the Anifie stage, we can all connect again.

Annie’s Chat Room

In our chat room, you’re not in this alone. In a private and safe place reserved for sharing and support, you’ll find others on a journey just like yours. Go ahead, tell your story and bare your soul. Your friends at Anifie are ready to listen and to help. Anifie can help you find the answers you’ve been searching for. Explore all the faces of Anifie. It’s a safe place to reveal your deepest thoughts, all while surrounded by your favorite, uplifting music.