Already There
Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini

Music by Ian Faquini, Lyrics and Arrangement by Natalie Cressman. Filmed & Edited in Berkeley by Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini.
Recorded & Mixed by Jeff Cressman

Submission for Jazz Mafia, Jazz in the Neighborhood, Motherwolf #musicrelief

🎵Already There 🎵
Constant and strange
this feeling of calm that we’d never arrange
Just waiting at home as we’re scanning the skies
for any signs of change

Languid and slow
The future’s on pause but the food’s running low
As you suit up just to face the unknown
Leave me a song as you go

Quiet, though serene, can’t deny it
isn’t quite as it seems
Life rings hollow without the fuss we took for granted
disenchanted by the void

Once unaware
So caught up in trying to make it somewhere
Now stuck in place we, with illusions laid bare,
Find we’re already there

Right where we live
Humbled by fear we share
Right at the core
Find we’re already there 🎵

Natalie Cressman